ISAS will organize, both at national and international levels, exhibitions, displays, national and international congresses, conferences,  lectures, presentations of books, films/documentaries of cultural interest, and study research trips to South Asian countries.

Set up joint projects whose scope will be to know, conserve and valorize the cultural heritage of the countries of South Asia, with special emphasis  on the Indian Subcontinent.

Develop cultural relations between individual scholars as well as with national and international institutions.

Establish contacts and collaborations with Italian and international cultural institutions pursuing analogous goals.

In particular, ISAS will be a Teaching Centre, whose main goals are to:

Provide courses in Indian culture, ancient and modern languages, which will be entrusted to experts in the subject and first language teachers and readers.  Courses in Italian language and culture for South Asian students will also be offered.

Promote the exchange of teachers and scholars with South Asian academic institutions, colleges, and universities.

Offer a  Library specialised in humanist studies concerning South Asian countries.

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