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Voices of Freedom: Society, Culture and Ideas in the 70th year of India’s Independence

Il Novissimo Ramusio, Scienze e Lettere, ISMEO 2020.
The book comprises the papers (in English, summarised in Italian) presented at the International Seminar held on November 2017 and promoted by ISAS and ISMEO, with the Patronage of the Indian Embassy of Rome .
Tucci, Ismeo and India.
Introduction by A. Rossi

The Days Before the Independence of India. The British Raj.
Y.K. S. Murthy
The Language of Freedom: in search of a national language.
Stella Sandahl
Panchayati Raj and the Idea of Devolution in Independent India.
Mario Prayer
Claiming half the sky: Indian women after Independence.
Sanjukta Das Gupta
Architecture of Independence: Continuity and Innovation in Indian Government Building and Urban Planning.
Julia  A. B. Hegewald
India as a wonderland: international outlook and counter-culture of the 1960s
Giuseppe Flora
How India got her tricolour: The flag and the shades of meaning.
Olaf shom Kirtimukh
Classical Dance in the Project of India’s National Identity.
Tiziana Lorenzetti

Illustrated by rare coloured photos and pictures
200 pages, €36
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