Tiziana Lorenzetti

A Humanities graduate and major from the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’, Dr. Tiziana Lorenzetti obtained her  Ph.D. (Doctorate) in  ‘History of the Art of India and Oriental Asia’ from  the ‘University of Genoa’. Winner of Merit Scholarship  for Specialisation in ‘Oriental Archaeology’ at the Sapienza of Rome, she was awarded an Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) scholarship. Postdoctoral Fellow at the ‘National Museum Institute of the History of Art’, New Delhi.

A Lecturer in Indian Art and Culture at the Sapienza of Rome, Research Associate at the University of Manchester (U.K.), she collaborates with a number Italian, European and Indian Universities and Institutions.
A German Research Foundation (DFG) awardee for the research project:  ‘Vira Shaiva Temples in Karnataka’ (DFG Hum /81253).

Among the publications, a number of articles, monographs and the book:
Understanding the Hindu Temple. History, Symbols and Forms, 2015, Studies in Asian Art and Culture (SAAC),  University of  Bonn,  Berlin.





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